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Scar Aid® takes silicone scar management to the next level with our revolutionary, patented silicone stick. Our partners and staff are extremely knowledgeable about the benefits of silicone for the management of keloid and hypertrophic scars, and we encourage you to contact them for additional product information and guidance.

Customer Testimonials

Ms. Glitz

Scar Healing is Easy
"I am using the Silicone Scar Gel Stick on after eye surgery areas. It is so easy to apply and goes on smoothly. I apply at least 3 times a day and noticed quicker healing and fading of the incision/scar area after I began using this product. My surgeon approved the use of the silicone and said it was the best to use.

The size is perfect and easily carried in my pocket if needed. Thank you for a great product !!"

Kristy M.

WOW! Effective on an old incision
"I was pleasantly surprised by the results thus far. After applying daily for 4 weeks, my 30-plus year old (knee) scar is showing improvement. The scar color and texture, especially in the sun, appears less noticeable (faded) and the consistency of the silicone gel makes for easy, no mess, application.
As a side note the delivery was surprisingly quick. I highly recommend."

George W.

Easy to Use!
"ScarAid is like a lip balm stick, so I can carry it in my pocket and use it several times a day. I started using it a couple days after my stitches were removed and after a week the redness of the scar was gone. I’ve used it for a little over a month and the scar continues to disappear. I’ve started using it on some old scars and it’s helping."
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How Scar Aid Works

Scars need an “ideal healing environment,” relying on the appropriate balance of moisture and maximum exposure to oxygen. Scar Aid® is a fully encapsulating silicone — it completely covers the scar treatment site. Although the entire site is covered, Scar Aid® is semi-permeable, allowing oxygen to enter while keeping excess moisture out — the ideal environment for healing scar tissue.





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