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Scar Aid SPF Silicone Stick 17g

Scar Aid SPF Silicone Stick 17g


Size: 17g




The Scar Aid® Silicone Stick with SPF -15 is a revolutionary, patented stick that provides the same physician recommended scar management technology found in silicone sheeting and gels, in an ultra convenient, easy to apply, glide-on applicator.



  • Patented scar reduction in a revolutionary easy-to-carry stick
  • Designed for all scars, including raised (hypertrophic and keloid), flat and burn scars
  • No more messy creams or ointments
  • Fits conveniently in a purse or pocket
  • Fragrance and dye-free
  • Contains silicone, the ONLY proven topical scar treatment ingredient
  • Perfect scar treatment for face, and other exposed skin such as the neck, arms, elbows, legs, ankles, feet
  • Surgeon-recommended
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Contains SPF-15 for outdoor sun protection
  • How ScarAid Works

    SCAR IMPROVEMENT: Properly hydrated and oxygenated skin allows surrounding healthy tissue to better blend with scar tissue, resulting in a scar that is more natural in color, softer, and flatter overall.

    When used 3-5 times a day, ScarAid can dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Silicone scar treatment normalizes collagen synthesis and reduces irritation and redness. The end result is a smoother, flatter scar and skin with a more natural pallor.

    Silicone is completely non-toxic, safe and easy to use, even on sensitive skin and on children. Silicone is the best option for treating old and new scars.

    Only silicone-based products are effective at reducing scarring

    • Some scar creams include inactive ingredients like cepalin (onion extract) or vitamin E, but unfortunately, there is no evidence that these ingredients do anything to promote scar reduction.
    • ScarAid is the only silicone-based solution available in a convenient stick form (similar to a tube of lipstick). To be effective, silicone gels need to be reapplied to the scar 3 to 5 times a day and ScarAid provides a convenient and portable solution that is easy to apply anywhere mess-free.
    • ScarAid should only be used once the wound has fully closed. For surgical patients, this typically happens when the stitches are removed. It’s important, however, to start ScarAid treatment as soon as the wound closes. Early use of ScarAid typically provides the best and fastest outcomes.
    • ScarAid is effective on both old and new scars. A new cut or surgical scar looks optimal in 8 to 12 weeks, but old scars can take twice as long to heal. ScarAid’s 4.25g stick is perfect for new scars up to 3 inches, while the larger 17g version is best for older and longer scars.
  • Instructions For Use

    • Clean and dry the scar site before each application.
    • Apply Scar Aid® liberally over the entire scar.
    • Repeat several times daily for 8-12 weeks or until scar stops responding.
    • To remove, wipe off with a clean cloth or tissue.
    • Recommended storage conditions are 55ºF – 95ºF (13ºC-35ºC).

    The overall optimal period of use is usually 8 to 12 weeks. 

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